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Kincaid/James Mysteries: Finished

November 2, 2007

I finished the last Kincaid/James mystery Monday night, staying up way too late to finish it, despite staying up way too late the night before to see the Red Sox in the World Series. I could not stop reading; I needed to know what happened. Not only what happened in the now of the narrative as it was moving along, but also what had happened in the murder–or murders–that formed the mystery.

Still, looking back, there’s one niggling thing I’m not crazy about, a piece of obviousness that I think weakened the story just a little bit. A manipulative person is too clearly manipulative, to the point that it was hard for me to believe that I was the only one who saw it. How could anyone else be taken in? One person in the story figures it out, but we don’t see how, and that makes that seem just a little deus ex machina.

Mind you, these two niggling things are so tiny, so low-key, that they barely register. Even talking about them, as I am now, gives them more weight than they bear in the book. To mention them at all is to overstate them. And they don’t stop me from waiting, eagerly, for the next book in the series. (My guess is it isn’t scheduled; there’s no info on her website, on Amazon or about it. But I’m sure it will come…)

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