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Lost in a Fog

November 27, 2007

Well, not really. Work has just been crazy, is all. Sucking all the energy out of me, and draining my mental batteries dry.

But I’ve been reading! I can’t remember everything I’ve read in the last three and a half weeks, but I do remember a few things.

One is Robin McKinley’s Sunshine. Virginia Kantra recommended it to me in July, at RWA’s National conference. I bought it shortly after I came home, but somehow managed not to read it until this month. (Well, not really “somehow”–I have the TBR pile that ate Cleveland; small animals could get lost in there.) I think I’m glad I waited; I think it was exactly what I needed about now. It’s not a quick, crackling read, but it’s well-written in a way that seems easy to do but isn’t: it’s written as if the narrator is talking to you. That means digressions and explanations, but the digressions and explanations serve the story by grounding the world. I can’t even begin to encapsulate the plot–you’d do better to check out the summaries in the reviews on

What I loved best: That she’d thought things through. For example….

(Stop here–spoilerish commentary follows)

Her vampires, as they age, can tolerate sunlight less and less, so that eventually moonlight–reflected sunlight–and, later, starlight (the light of distant stars) is unbearable to them. There’s a lovely logic to that which I haven’t seen before. The other thing I really liked was that what happens to Rae, the narrator, impacts her for a long time after it happens. It’s not a free ride.

Another good read–one I finished last night–is Liberty: The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France by Lucy Moore. The title is pretty descriptive, though the book might more accurately be described as the story of the French Revolution as it impacted six, fairly representative, women. The book is well-written and very clear; I never lost track of who was who. Moreover, it gave me a sense of the terrible cost of the Revolution in a way that something like Schama’s Citizens didn’t do. (And that’s another fabulous book.)

There are more books, but I’ve run out of steam–I’ll try to update tomorrow.

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