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An Idea, or What I’m Reading Today: August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008

Last night or the night before, I decided that I was going to quit trying to write full reviews of books, and I was just going to post daily on what I’m reading that day — whatever the reading experience is. And I might also talk about anything reading-related, such as a jaunt to the library, or a spasm of obsessiveness about a particular book.

Here we go…

Today, I’m reading the end of Fiona MacCarthy’s Byron: Life and Legend — Byron is heading off to Greece, where he will die. The book is nearly 600 small-print pages long, so it’s taken me pretty much a week to read it. I’m reading it because it caught my eye at the library, when I was heading into the stacks to get Brenda Wineapple’s biography of Nathanial Hawthorne.

I’d actually be done with Byron by now if I hadn’t interrupted reading it to devour Virginia Kantra’s Sea Fever — I was shocked that I finished that in a day. I love the world Kantra has built, and I loved this book — it made me choke up in a couple of places, and you can’t ask for more from a romance.

Until tomorrow…

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