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More Nora: September 23, 2008

September 23, 2008

Yes, I’m reading more Nora Roberts: Midnight Bayou, this time. She’s becoming a kind of comfort read for me (which is a pretty high compliment — comfort reads are the things you turn to when you’re at a low-ebb, or you’re stressed out), and while this isn’t my favorite Nora, it’s still a good book holding my attention.

One of the secondary characters has a substance abuse problem, mostly drugs, and she reminds me of Gloria DeLauter in the Chesapeake Bay series. Like a lot of people, I have sad experience of addicts (though in my case it was alcoholics), and if my addicts weren’t as “rode hard and put away wet” as these two characters, the rest of it rings true. I can’t help wondering about Ms. Roberts’ experience with addicts — I hope it was at a remove and she’s empathetic and imaginative enough to fill in the blanks, rather than writing from experience.

Noticing the resemblance between the two characters gave me the idea of maybe tracking alcoholic/drug-using characters in Roberts’ fiction, in my copious spare time. I’m also thinking about somehow charting the similarities and differences between the heroes/heroines in her trilogies or triple-protagonist single novels (e.g. The Three Fates, or Montana Sky).

A million years ago, someone somewhere said they’re all alike. I’ve never forgotten that, so I’ve been aware of the similarities between heroines from series to series. The thing is, reading a couple or three triple-protagonist novels/series has made me aware of differences. I’m curious about it, so I’d like to track it.

Someday. When I have a minute.

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