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One Thing Leads To Another: October 18, 2008

October 18, 2008

I finished The Monsters of Templeton last night with a very happy sigh. This was a book that was very much about the journey, not the destination, and the low key denouement completely suited it. I’m not entirely sure I’ll re-read this book, so owning it is a question mark. I’ll let the question rest in my mind, and see if I want to go back to Templeton.

After I finished The Monsters of Templeton, I began Longfellow: A Rediscovered Life by Charles C. Calhoun. I got interested in Longfellow through Matthew Pearl’s The Dante Club, which I read for a book group I was part of last year. (I didn’t care for The Dante Club — it started strongly but for me, didn’t live up to its promise.) The thing is, I didn’t pursue my curiosity right away — I completely forgot about it, until recently.

I don’t remember now what reminded me, but I pursued it, and now, here I am, reading a very enjoyable biography. It’s readable, and interesting, and Calhoun manages his information very well. It’s the best kind of biography.

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